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Our Community ~ OBOT Board Chair: Jay Cook

The Onset Community consists of a group of Community of Christ members and guests who reside year-round or seasonally in approximately 80 cottages and houses. Each home is privately owned with the lot it sits on leased from the Community of Christ World Church. The Onset Board of Trustees is an elected body that represents the Church's interests, manages and maintains the Church’s property on the grounds. The Board consists of nine elected positions and two New England Mission Center representatives.

Click here to read entire Re-opening Plan submitted and approved

Board of Trustees:2022 - 2023 Trustees And Responsibilities List
Committee Descriptions: Updated March 2022
By-Laws: Updated By-Laws 2000 PDF
Regulations and Policies:  PDF
Lot Lease Version Approved 2020:  PDF 
List Policy:  PDF 
Housing List Request:  PDF  
Potential Housing List as of January 2023:  PDF

New Trash Schedule (Including Suggested Bin Sharing Map and How to Recycle)  


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