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Our photos of the grounds and events held on the grounds have pictures of members (past/present). We are asking for your permission to post your picture(s) on the website. After you fill out the appropriate form and send it to us, only then will we give you access to the photo gallery, even if you do not consent to have your photo on the website. However, we have created a secure photo gallery on the website where you may still elect to be in pictures submitted to the gallery. Reunion pictures and anniversary pictures have already had your consent when you registered to participate.

Here is the form: (Onset Photo Consent Form PDF) Email the completed form to Chris Fisher. Note: You can take a picture of the form with the camera on your phone and attach it to an email, or you can mail it to OBOT P.O. Box 893, Onset, MA 02558

If you indicate that you do not want pictures posted of you let us know. We will take the appropriate steps for you. Again, please note you will still receive access to the photo gallery.

Once this process is completed and approved you can click on the key icon on the home page.
Enter the username and password provided.

Please have patience with this process as we are fine tuning it. Thank you.