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A Place to Gather
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Welcome to Onset Campground

Located on Cape Cod in Massachusetts, Onset Campground is part of the Worldwide Mission Resources of Community of Christ. It is governed by a board of trustees that reports to the New England Mission Center "NEMC" also of the Community of Christ. Historically it has been a destination for reunions, surrounded by an outdoor camp setting.

Onset Campgrounds has been A Place to Gather for over 100 years. Nestled in the quaint Village of Onset, a hamlet of Wareham, MA. The Campgrounds, as we have come to call it, encompasses 70 acres of community on an inland salt water cove. This community is rich in worship, tradition, nature, and family values. It's a safe and welcoming environment which seems familiar to all through its core values and traditions of worship. We invite you to come and experience it for yourself. Contact us ahead of your planned visit to register, making sure there is available space for you and your family.

Together We Share...

  • A community of people where the gospel of Jesus Christ is the focus of worship, learning, caring, and mission.

  • An opportunity for genuine spiritual growth and relationship with the Holy Spirit.

  • A congregation where deep friendships are established, individual ideas are valued, and where those special needs find security, care, and support. 

  • A faith community that encourages the ministry of all people, including children and youth.

  • A global community with a worldwide mission that values all cultures and celebrates the rich diversity of human life. 

  • Meaningful opportunities to serve Jesus Christ by helping others and promoting peace.

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